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My grandmother was very influential, conservative and well known in the community. She was a seamstress who made clothing and altered clothing for people.  The one thing she loved was flowers.  We lived with her from time to time and while walking through the house one day, she just couldn’t take anymore and said, “Baby, don’t walk around the house in your pajamas all day. When you get out of bed, put some clothes on because you never know who may stop by.”

My grandmother got up every morning, put on her dress and stockings, made her breakfast and coffee and sat on the porch because she knew she would have visitors. From that day forward, that one petal motivated me to want to get up and look presentable no matter what. That was not the only petal she sowed into my life, there were many others. However, that one petal led me to love fashion. My passion is not only to shop and design for myself but also for you! My Petals Kouture grew from that one petal that was sown into my life.

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Nakia Moore



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